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Graphene materials related industries

Automative Industry

The use of advanced composite materials in the automotive industry is a lucrative option because reducing the weight of vehicles will assist the automotive industry in reducing fuel consumption and meeting the environmental requirements imposed by governments. The utilization of the carbon composites is a keystone element facilitating rapid market penetration by electric vehicles.

Marine Industry

The use of advanced composite materials has enjoyed steady growth in the marine industry. Advanced composites could play a role in manufacturing stronger, lighter hulls, hydrofoils, and superstructures for high class yachts, as well as commercial boats and patrol vessels.


Ultralight and robust components that can last in adverse environments are well sought after by many serious athletes and hobbyists. The beauty and outstanding feature of graphene enhanced composites also strike the interest of luxury product designers. We have engaged in projects to bring this outstanding material group to these markets and deliver stunning products.

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