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Prof. Antonio H. Castro Neto is a Distinguished Professor in the Physics Department and Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Material Science Engineering of the National University of Singapore. Prof. Castro Neto is the Director of the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, which the National Research Foundation of Singapore funds. The Centre for Advanced 2D Materials brings together more than 200 graphene/2D Materials experts. It is one of the world’s best-equipped and advanced graphene research centres. Prof. Castro Neto has authored more than 300 manuscripts and has published them in prestigious journals such as Science, Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Physics, and Physical Review Letters. He has over 50,000 citations, has presented over 400 seminars worldwide and holds over 20 patents. Prof. Antonio H. Castro Neto received his PhD in Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.